Mahalia Jackson

Check out this amazing performance of Just a Closer Walk with Thee – especially the second half. (No, I have not converted.) But then hear Jackson’s voice float on What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

And there are many other amazing performances by Mahalia Jackson. I like I Know It Was the Blood, I Couldn’t Keep It to Myself, and Leaning on the Everlasting Arm. There is also Elijah Rock.

Still my very favorite is I Made It Over.


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5 responses to “Mahalia Jackson

  1. O good – I am glad someone listened to that concert!!!

  2. Oh yes…what a friend, what a friend we have in Jesus. You know this takes me back home to North Carolina. This is my grandmother’s gospel. Thanks.

  3. Z

    The last good service like this was in Lafayette, Louisiana. We went out there to go to Barry Ancelet’s Cajun boucherie. I had an Argentine Baptist in tow who absolutely had to go to church the next day. I had no idea where, and asked at the party. They recommended the Progressive Baptist Church on Simcoe, so we went. All these people were white so I hadn’t expected it would be a Black church but it was – and on MLK weekend. They had this amazing service, I really recommend them. I decided I could be a Christian if it didn’t mean whiteness to me.

  4. P.S. How the preacheress began her sermon: We thank you God for this day which has its own unique beauty and will never come again.

    And the audience: Oh yeah. Just a closer walk with Thee.

    I always like these audience response sermons. As on Christmas Eve in Spain:

    Priest: Lumen Christi!
    Audience: Deo gratias!

    And as my friend RIP Walter said: there is no need to worry about dogma; one feels the spirit in the ceremony.

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