Le vendredi

It is Friday, and yes, I am wearing white. It being the weekend, I am deciding what to sing. All afternoon I have listened to WWOZ, 90.7 on your FM dial or www.wwoz.org to listen on the Net. It was very helpful. If I were doing this work for the sake of a check upon which to raise children and keep them in the same school as always, it would be no problem.

At 11 AM I told the students I would be in the office from 1 PM to midnight, with a break for a late lunch. I said I would finish Everything, and they would be able to see that on the Internet. I said that if I finished by 10 PM, I would go Out.

In reality, although I did finish almost everything that I had planned to put on the Internet, and although I went to the Library during my late lunch hour and put Readings on Reserve, I was bleary eyed  by 8 PM. John Cleary is at Tipitina’s, but I am in Maringouin.  I left the office definitively at 8PM, my designated favorite Latin American quitting hour.

At 3 PM as I left for lunch, my colleague from Québec was still in hir office. As I passed I said: “Restez là, parce que je reviens, et je ne veux pas être la dernière!” Ze was still giggling when the elevator arrived. And if you do not understand the difference between preterite and imperfect, “Ze was [still] giggling when the elevator arrived,” is a good example.

Dear Blackguard: your analysis of what is wrong with our program is correct. What you refuse to recognize is that we know it, and we have been knowing it for lo these many years. It is the Whiteman who has arranged things in this way, and he is reproducing himself as we speak. You would reform our program, and you are right — except to the extent that your being right gives you an occasion to abuse tenured faculty about the rights we give to adjuncts and instructors. My solution to all of this, for myself, is that I am cross appointed.

You have three options: leave, be fired for speaking up, or get yourself a decent situation (e.g. cross appointment). I have spoken. I regret that these are the only options I can offer you [subunctive  verb on "are,"], but my powers are limited [indicative]. I have spoken. Vos, a tu sitio.

I am “Old Bambi,” as I announced to my colleague from Québec who thought I should continue to screen films with hir. Ze said I was not “Old Bambi”, but ze is very polite and I know I am right because my more familiar colleagues got my joke. I resemble the Emeritus Professor and my dissertation director, both (and they did not like each other), more than I can say.


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  1. Yet it is important to remember at all times that although the Blackguard behaves poorly and is not interested in doing anything realistic to address the problems he sees, his analysis is largely correct.

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