Coral Dress

It is Friday, so we are wearing white. I am wearing a long white shirt over a coral tank dress from Brazil, and Dr. Scholl’s Original Exercise Sandals ;-). It is January 22 and mild, and we are bathed in Oxalá’s bright light.


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2 responses to “Coral Dress

  1. human

    Are we supposed to wear white on Fridays?

    It is not mild here, but it is what I have come to feel is bearably cold: in the 20s, or so. I have little difficulty making myself comfortable at these temperatures. Colder, and it gets harder.

    I am wearing a blue sweater and a blue fuzzy hate and a blue-and-white checkered cashmere scarf (from a discount store, so it was quite reasonably priced and I felt justified in spoiling myself a little bit).

    And, of course, my wonderful magic winter boots which keep my feet dry even when I step in a calf-deep puddle, and which keep me from slipping and falling on the sidewalk even when it’s icy all over, like yesterday and today.

    These boots and this scarf make me happy. I just learned how to use Stata to analyze a set of demographic data. I am going to go home in a little while and order a lot of books from ILL. It’s a good day.

  2. Oh, good!!!!! 20s is good weather when it’s dry/sunny, too.

    White, yes, it attracts the inspired rays of OXALA!

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