Chris Thomas

It is the weekend, so we must sing! Here are Chris Thomas and his late father Tabby at a place we used to go in Baton Rouge.

I am on my way to Angola. It is a good day for the drive because it is sunny. The area, up near the Natchez Trace, is very beautiful.

I wish Tabby’s were still open, so I could drop in on the way home.


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7 responses to “Chris Thomas

  1. Ha! I lied. It clouded over and was wintry, dreary, industrial, Dixieland, and desolate all the way. MY GOD Angola is depressing. I am not over it.

  2. So are you teaching at the prison?

  3. Certainly not – I’m not anywhere near that self sacrificing, or that complicit with Corrections. I used to do death penalty and other post conviction work and as a result I have a couple of people I know who need visits.

  4. We could have an interesting discussion on this topic. I don’t see how any decent person could be complicit with corrections in Louisiana, that’s for sure. But I’m not sure educating inmates, as I did in Hawaii, is the same as being complicit with corrections, at least not the way we ran our program.

  5. I don’t think the current administration would allow a program that were not entirely complicit. And I’m not that self sacrificing anyway — I will not teach for free or for semi-free, and prisoners much less.

  6. Oh, well, I was always paid, except for a few months when we were defunded.

    We were not popular with the other people in corrections.

    But even so I’m not ready to trash all the others who worked in the prison.

  7. I’m not trashing you, Hattie. I’m just not interested in doing that myself.

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