A Message I Actually Sent

“EVEN THOUGH the Superbowl is in the EVENING February 7 and in MIAMI, papers are still due IN PERSON, February 9 at 4! I can drive here from Miami in that time, and so can you!”


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9 responses to “A Message I Actually Sent

  1. I just hope you signed it Axé.

  2. human

    Hahahaha! Nice one.

  3. ouch!

    And in the mean time, I am still awaiting chapters. Today I went into the gym with Mike and did some sparring, moving towards advancing my technique from what tends towards single punches towards ‘in-fighting’ (up close fighting that tends to veer towards grappling a bit). I feel as if my brain is churning material beneath the surface of my conscious awareness. A whole thesis is a lot to digest, and it is possible that my intuitive processes are deliberately slowling me down so that I can come to better terms with what I have already written. So perhaps it is not so bad that I am still waiting for chapters, and reflecting on my introduction some more.

    • Z

      AHA, so now I know where the term in-fighting originates.

      You’re taking your thesis very seriously as opposed to bureaucratically, as I did / had been taught to do. I prefer the “seriously” approach.

  4. Now I have completed the introduction to my thesis except for the referencing. It’s a relief. I am now working on my bibliography. It appears that I read a lot of Bataille for my Marechera thesis. Is it a good idea to cut back on the evidence that presses towards the excess in this instance?

    • To some extent, yes — or else really come out with it and explain why it is OK or good to be emphasizing Bataille that much.

      • Ok, I’ve clarified why there is a certain amount of Bataille research in there. I made that statement in my literature review.

  5. Well Mark, my directive is going to fail, because apparently February 8 is going to be some sort of Louisiana tribal holiday. The priest at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, on Jackson Square (the main square in the old city), said Mass dressed in a Saints football outfit!

    Jennifer, sounds good.

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