White Paper

I am not any kind of Cajun or Creole, and I am not in Cajun and Creole Studies. I have no academic expertise to bear on the question of what is a Cajun or a Creole, what Cajun or Creole history is. My own work on Latin American identities is very different.

I do not wish to be interpellated into collective “dialogue” which engages Cajuns and Creoles of various stripes, and attempts to teach them to identify in a new way. I really do not consider this my place.


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3 responses to “White Paper

  1. Too much of this going on. It’s wise to steer clear of it.

  2. Joanna – what a well written article!

    Hattie – Aha, so this is going on elsewhere! It’s a black hole for psychic energy, I swear!

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