In Catholic Culture

Student: Do the Christs in Brazilian churches sport as much blood as the Christs in Mexican churches?

Professor Zero: Yes.

Student: That is amazing.

Professor Zero: Why? Italian Christs have a great deal of blood as well. Bloodiness is a major characteristic of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean based Christ.

Student: How marvelous!

Professor Zero: It seems you consider bloody Christs best. What are the advantages of having especially bloody Christs?

Student: Well, they work much better! The point of having a Christ is so you can feel guilty. If you have a really bloody one, you feel guiltier!


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One response to “In Catholic Culture

  1. Tom

    I grew up in a very bloodless liberal Catholic church in the States. I’ve drifted away from the religion, but I don’t know whether that is data indicating that our Christs didn’t work effectively.

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