Gregory Petsko

He is excellent. Read his open letter to George M Philip, President of the State University of New York At Albany.

• The best way for people to be prepared for the inevitable shock of change is to be as broadly educated as possible, because today’s backwater is often tomorrow’s hot field. And interdisciplinary research, which is all the rage these days, is only possible if people aren’t too narrowly trained.

• I utterly refuse to believe that you had no alternative. It’s your job as President to find ways of solving problems that do not require the amputation of healthy limbs.

• But universities aren’t just about discovering and capitalizing on new knowledge; they are also about preserving knowledge from being lost over time, and that requires a financial investment. There is good reason for it: what seems to be archaic today can become vital in the future.


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2 responses to “Gregory Petsko

  1. thanks for this. (longtime lurker here)
    It is a very good letter, but I would dispute the argument that the humanities don’t pay for themselves. Not to reduce value to economics, but here’s one argument on the other side

    And also in this lecture:

  2. Z

    Yes. At my university humanities actually helps fund other areas, too.

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