Tlacotalpan lodging

The best lodging in Tlacotalpan, Ver., is the Posada Doña Soco and it does not have a website. I am therefore giving directions here.

Socorro Flores Sandoval
Francisco Javier Mina, No. 7
Colonia Centro
95461 Tlacotalpan, Veracruz

Tel.: (288) 884 23 19
Cel.: (288) 110 39 35

The location is between the Plaza Santa Marta and the church of the Miguelitos. You are near a good internet café and a good fonda («Mary») for comida corrida and more, just off the Plaza Santa Marta.

All of this information was revealed to me by the Giraffe. Then I lost the web page, or forgot it had contact information for this posada on it, and as a result did not stay there as I had hoped to do when I first went to Tlacotalpan. Now, on this more recent voyage, I was walking along and came across it — and yes, I can tell it is the very best place to stay.


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5 responses to “Tlacotalpan lodging

  1. Vero

    Oh Z, how wonderful!. I love posadas. By the way, my maternal grandmother lived for a while in a little town by the name Posadas. I wish I could go there. I am taking all the details and might choose that place for my very next vacation. Good that you provided all details and numbers. Have fun!

  2. Z

    It is beautiful and tranquil, and you can eat good seafood at very good prices. But, from July through October, it has mosquitos and rain, and the locals do not recommend it at this time!

    Recommended: Christmas/New Year; Candlemas when it has a huge festival including local dances, bull running, and more; Carnival; Holy Week. For those holidays you must reserve ahead, but for other times during the November through May period — the recommended period for weather — it is uncrowded and very easy to get a room.

    Excursions: ask where to swim in the river; it is plenty clean enough to swim (although a biologist said the San Juan river, nearby, is cleaner) and do do the tourist thing and pay for a boat ride on it, it is worth it.

    Nearby: Santiago Tuxtla, San Andrés Tuxtla, both pleasant towns worth visiting, the lake Catemaco, which has a nice waterfall, and the Olmec ruins at Tres Zapotes. If you get as far as Tlacotalpan, you really should visit these things as day trips, they are remote from other parts of Mexico but nearby here, so your time in Tlacotalpan is your chance.

  3. Vero

    I went to bed with that strange feeling de Calderón de la Barca,”La vida es sueño” (1635). The nodal theme is that of freedom in the face of destiny. This is how wikipedia relates the rationale for that piece of wonderful literary work:

    “La concepción de “la vida es como un sueño” es muy antigua: existen referencias en el pensamiento hindú, en la mística persa, en la moral budista, así como en la tradición judeo-cristiana y en la filosofía griega. Según Platón, el ser humano vive en un mundo de sueños, de tinieblas, cautivo en una cueva de la que sólo podrá liberarse tendiendo hacia el Bien. Únicamente entonces el hombre desistirá de la materia y llegará a la luz. El influjo de esta concepción platónica en la obra es evidente.

    The main character “Segismundo” vive en un principio dentro de una cárcel, de una caverna, donde permanece en la más completa oscuridad por el desconocimiento de sí mismo; sólo cuando es capaz de saber quién es, consigue el triunfo, la luz.

    La luz, that’s the kind of “posada” I am dying for.

  4. Z

    Yes – that is how I feel about Tlacotalpan, and it is one of the ur-texts in this novel I am trying to write – so we’re really on the same wavelength with this, it seems.

  5. Vero

    Just curious

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