Algunos apuntes del fin de semana

- criminal justice as a racialized system of control
- the domestic war on crime is part of the global wars on drugs and on terror
- the prison industrial complex and other technologies of domination which: capture, immobilize, dehumanize, liquidate
- the system must be uprooted, not reformed
- email
- the criminal code as the line of demarcation between the public and the state (the state being those who have the power to define crime, to say what is a crime and what a crime is)
- a film with Christine Lahti involving a Mexican janitor and a high school principal
- professors giving out standard advice: “This is what a pretend life looks like, and if you are not living a pretend life, then your life is not real.”
- that last line is brilliant and not original to me
- this is a modern American poem


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