Students of iron

1. Moved out at 16, worked full time the last two years of high school, living in an apartment with roommates. Does not feel $30,000 per annum for a hard job is bad pay.

2. Working as a stocker at Office Depot, which he calls “a place of blood, sweat and cigarettes.” Invents and executes intricate research project on the use of derealizing techniques to represent the soul at moments of change in my course on avant-garde on avant-garde cinema which is not even in his major; is going to graduate school in clinical psychology.

3. One of our campus’ most admired drag queens, works full time at Applebee’s. On Pell Grant and this supports self, contributes to college costs of younger sister who is at a first tier SLAC, and contributes to expenses of underemployed mother. “Things are just so much easier when you are happy,” says he, considering whether or not to take an internship which will be well paid but not necessarily happy.

You do not find people this interesting at all colleges and universities.


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  1. dclioness

    True dat…

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