What would you do?

What I just said on e-mail:

Est-ce que j’ai dit oui a cette date et oublié? Je ne m’en souviens pas et je ne trouve rien dans le courriel de l’automne.

Parlons cette semaine, à voir s’il y a une solution — je ne veux pas détruire le programme.

What it is about:

Last spring I said I would give a talk in my department this spring. I just heard from my colleague what date he wants it given, and I have something else planned. Not something I cannot cancel, but something I do not want to cancel.

He says the date was decided in the fall. I do not remember being told.

I could cancel part of my other event and give the talk. But I do not necessarily have the time to prepare it, for this date, in a way that would advance MY work. So I would sacrifice part of a research trip and also time from work on a presentation I am giving ten days after this one, at a conference, for the sake of this little talk in my department.

Should I do this for the sake of diplomacy? What I want is to give it later, in some other iteration of our home symposium, and I know that this is what a professor in a normal situation would ask for. But in this situation, that I perceive to be more delicate, should I make the sacrifice? Should I consider that perhaps there will be a secret benefit in it for me … perhaps having to pour it on research wise in February will be good for me?

(I have so much going on that I am tending to say this is not a good idea).

What would you do?



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8 responses to “What would you do?

  1. Considering what you have said about your department, there doesn’t seem to be much advantage in sacrificing whatever else you have planned for your departmental talk? Is it well attended? Could you “impress” somebody and thus maybe benefit in the future?

    Another thing, if you feel like doing it: could you adapt a paper you gave at a conference last year to fit the audience? In that case, maybe it could be worth it.

    My two cents without really knowing the full picture.

    • Z

      It conflicts with that symposium in Houston. I could, in a worst case scenario, give this presentation, missing the first day of the Houston symposium, and drive there at rush hour. Or miss the Houston symposium … which I didn’t know about until you told me, but did decide I wanted to go, tell my friend I was coming, etc.

      The presentation which would be appropriate for here is only a certain one. I could do it off the cuff, it would entertain people, but I do not have time between now and then to do more research on it than I have done, would have to just get up and talk. Can do, but not really desirous of sacrificing Houston to do.

      However, what I could do is quedar bien con los organizadores, and that would be advantageous.

  2. NO. Do not sacrifice Houston. Do not sacrifice yourself. You have an obligation elsewhere, very sorry, can’t do that date, here are alternative dates that will work for you . . . or sorry, can’t do it at all! You have already been far too accommodating. “Je n’ai pas agréé cette date, ça ne marche pas du tout, dommage, c’est impossible, je ne peux pas assister à votre programme.” No. NO. NON.

    Y el español es una lengua para hablar à Dios y hacer la guerra. Haz un poco la guerra, Z.

    • I think I agree with DEH. Go to Houston. Feel that there are cultural opportunities near where you live. Think of it as self-maintainance and treating yourself well, because you deserve it.

  3. Z

    Yes, you are right. It is also that I just do not have time to do this paper right, right now, even without Houston.

  4. Rose

    Do not give up Houston. And don’t believe your colleague that you already agreed to the date, either.

  5. Z

    I am released!

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