UCLA Travel Budgets

The URL to the Daily Bruin image of an internal memo on travel reimbursements for UCLA faculty and administrators is http://dailybruin.com/images/2014/02/02-04-2014_rotated.pdf.

Domestically you may not exceed 200% of the Federal per diem for lodging, and internationally you may not exceed 300%. Meals should not exceed 200% of the University per diem, and if I am reading correctly you must seek prior approval if you invite more than eleven people to eat with you. If not, you may not be reimbursed in full for all these meals.

Am I cruel to think this is excessive? Apparently the regulations were written to curb greater excesses; there was a dean who took a trip to London costing over $17,000 of the University’s money.


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2 responses to “UCLA Travel Budgets

  1. Federal per diems are very generous. I never come near them even in London.

    Unrelated: I have finished and submitted that essay that I blogged about last spring, the one whose shape is an hourglass.

    • Z

      $324 for lodging in London. So if they limit themselves to 300% of that it is $972. And apparently they have been spending more. UC administrators are so corrupt, some of them, and apparently there are faculty who do this, too — although it would, I assume, depend on what the travel budget is for your department and on your particular grant.

      EXCELLENT re essay! :-)

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