Des Voitures. Sobre los hombres y el feminismo.


As of today I am hiding in Mexico for two whole weeks. There are posts coming up, but they have been written ahead of time! Where I really wanted to be this summer, of course, was the Faroes first and Brazil second, and also several interesting places in the United States. But I am too short of funds to reach any of these places, and Mexico is the best country of all, anyway.

I have been depressed this month, I think seriously, and I have very good reason to believe it is not a “chemical imbalance” to be remedied with drugs. The causes of my depression are political. This blog exists to resurrect and, unless I escape to a less hallucinated world more permanently, to memorialize my real self – although that self has been more present IRL over the past few days, perhaps because the Sixth Sun is growing and reaching me.

Forsooth, my mind is finally clear and it has been for almost a week, for the first time since 1991. This is because I have purified myself from Reeducation almost completely. Congratulate me. In Reeducation it was not all right to be who one was, or to have a nice day being who one was. This made all activity extremely fraught, and activity which required access to self not only fraught but also virtually impossible since the self was banned. It was also not all right to think one’s own thoughts, since these came from that forbidden source, and professional and other adult activity was invalid. Reeducation was, in sum, anti-creative, misogynistic and patricarchal.

Now that, after years of thought I have boiled it all down to this nutshell, in a package small enough to cast away easily, we will have entertainment.


1. Are You a Feminist? It is in your best interest to score 100% on this quiz.

2. Un libro que me gustaría leer es Scott Weztler, Living with the Passive Aggressive Man: Coping with Personality Syndrome of Hidden Aggression — From the Bedroom to the Boardroom.

Uno de mis jefes, que supuestamente es “bueno,” puede no serlo en realidad. Puede que sea flor y espejo de la hostilidad, aunque lo oculte perfectamente con la agresión pasiva (entre otras tecnologías patriarcales).

3. Is it just my random experience, or is it more generally true that Southern men who fix your car will also show you how, whereas northerners keep it a secret?

4. El post anti-matrimonio de Twisty es básico, pero bueno. Léanlo, que les hará bien.

5. If anyone ever quotes to you from Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, send them The Rebuttal from Uranus.




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3 responses to “Des Voitures. Sobre los hombres y el feminismo.

  1. Congratulations! And yes, ma’am — I’m 100% feminist (of course!)

  2. sounds fantastic, about the process you are going through, getting free. makes me happy to read this.

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