On Merit

Read God, Save Us from Merit Pay for Teachers! by The Chaff. Via Unsane and Safe.

In good news, 20,000 meritorious people protested WHINSEC on November 18. Bill Quigley writes:

Even if the US government is reluctant to close the school, Latin American countries look like they will do it themselves. Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Venezuela have announced they are withdrawing their militaries from the school.

Crimes by graduates continue. Colombia recently arrested five high-ranking military officers who received training at the US Army School of Americas and two additional officers who were instructors at WHINSEC. All are charged with providing security and troops for the major drug cartel in Colombia.

Keep on reading. The founder of SOA Watch is from Louisiana.




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3 responses to “On Merit

  1. Ah, for a more rational — and more artistic – society!

    As Bataille says, the accusations that the Christians bring against his atheism reveal no respect for the depth and complexity of his piousness.

    Let depth ensue. Let superficiality and its consumerists adherents flee!

  2. estrellapolar

    The tide is turning.

  3. Z

    Queira Deus que seja assim!

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