Barbara Lee

Observe OneVoicePAC. It is excellent.

Then in that spirit support the people of New Orleans.

Then read Momo on the triumph of the corporate university and feel your blood run cold.




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3 responses to “Barbara Lee

  1. I’m thinking a lot about race now. One thing is clear, as James Baldwin and Margaret Mead agreed on years ago in the (dated title) book, *A Rap on Race,* is that there is not a single African-American who does not have white ancestry. Why, then, are we also the country that makes the strongest black-white distinctions?

  2. I know I’m hijacking this thread, but this is such a find I must share it with you. It’s the 1971 review of “Rap.” This is how important people wrote about Blacks and women in the good old days.
    We actually have made progress.

  3. Z

    Ai. And you’ve caused me to register as an NYT reader! Now I have another password to remember!

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