Dick Cheney

Read this closely, including the comments. It is important to watch Cheney and then figure out what to do. I am particularly startled by this comment:

Cheney, whatever he may say, wants to be president. He figures that no one else will want to run against Obama and that he will have the full support of the party grassroots activists. As the only defender of the Bush policies, he will stand out as the true believer in the GOP. When he said he preferred Rush Limbaugh to Colin Powell as a Republican, he knew what he was doing. Rush still carries considerable weight in the GOP and will be a big help in getting him the nomination. He figures that he will be very far behind in the polls and written off as a loser until, voilà, there will be the first terrorist attack since 9/11. We were right, he will shout. I made you safe and look what Obama has done. He has let down our guard. As your president, I will make you safe again! Just watch.




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5 responses to “Dick Cheney

  1. Of course, then there is this article, by the always inspiring and inspired William Rivers Pitt.

    This, however, is why we need a special prosecutor and full, public disclosure.

  2. The article referenced above says Cheney isn’t campaigning for the Presidency, but to keep out of jail.

    My IRL friend said by telephone that he is too old and weak to survive a Presidential campaign, so not to worry.

    All right. I just do not trust this person or his backers, and I am not pleased with the Obama weakness on torture/military trials, although it may be that he has little room to move, I do not know.

  3. Glad to be reminded of you from comment at Hattie’s Web. She and I are “Elderbloggers,” (55+) informal gathering at daily blog, http://www.timegoesby.net.

    My thinking more and more there’s a potential progressive following among our demographic if we are not always made to feel “too old” and/or not worth the bother. Yes, we do go on (because we’ve been around forever, etc) yet we might make an important contribution since we have time on our hands. And some of us with children and grandchildren are very motivated to change the old order.

  4. Cheney is younger than I am!

  5. Yes, but apparently he only has 1/3 of a heart! And he looks older!

    Hi Naomi – I’ll check it out! I’m still below age, but I’ll get there one day!

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