How thin or thick do you think this proposal for a cure is?




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5 responses to “Psicomagia

  1. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. I think that what Jodorowsky is doing is definitely part of both psychology and magick. It has its roots simultaneously in shamanism and Gestalt therapy.

  2. Z

    Do you think it would work – it’s not just a gimmick? It looks attractive and I am thinking of trying to figure out how to do it.

  3. Z

    Here, he has some very interesting rituals for curing all sorts of psychic ills. I might do some – they sound really healing and can’t do harm.

  4. Oh yes, I do think it would work. It’s based on certain aspects of Gestalt theory as well as various aspects of magickal work from all sorts of traditions. How well they would work would depend on how much effort and Will you would put into the work. You would also have to give yourself time for reflection, and try to remain open to observe the effects of the work in ways that perhaps you did not expect.

    Then again, I should forewarn you that I am a practicing occultist, for lack of a better term, so I am inclined toward this sort of thing anyway.

  5. Z

    Well Jodorowsky appears to be a major occultist, very serious, student of Tarot and much more. He’s in Paris. I’d visit if I could. I’m going to have to investigate this. Effort, Will, time, reflection, the unexpected – ok.

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