St. Joseph’s Night is Coming!




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8 responses to “St. Joseph’s Night is Coming!

  1. Traveller

    Yes, Saint Joseph is here and I have several members of my family named under Saint Joseph. We started celebrating it yesterday in an unpretentious restaurant but excellent cuisine. We had risotto with carabineros (see below), grilled baby lamb ribs, grilled lamb kidneys and whittish ( unpretentious white fish but tasty). We had a wonderful lunch. Last night I did not sleep well. So, today I am excusing myself from the second wonderful Saint Joseph’s lunch. I feel like going to sleep and not getting up until tomorrow ( if I could).

  2. Z

    That sounds wonderful! Truly!

    I’m going to try to take your advice and sleep more, or follow your example. In other news from other threads, you were right – I have to get a new refrigerator (it is coming Friday). Who knows about the stove, they said it was smarter to repair but that cost about $400 so I hope it lasts!

    The new stoves seem so fancy. I had slight fantasies of getting one because it would be so 100% clean. But.

    • Traveller

      Did you get your new refrigerator?. Asking ’cause you said it was coming Friday. Curious to see it. Listen, if repairing the stove cost $400, why don’t you pay a little bit more and get a new one?.

      • Z

        The new refrigerator arrived today and it’s black and elegant. Stove: they say that a stove of this quality would cost $1100-$1200 to replace. Who knows…

  3. Z

    More on St. Joseph – I think it’s a spring festival. The equinox. What festival is at the fall equinox?

    • Traveller

      Last year in New York, there was:
      Live Jazz by the Piers Lawrence Quartet
      Live Bluegrass from the NYCity Slickers
      FREE Arts & crafts, fishing, face painting
      Local produce cart and much more!

      Let’s see what is on this year. Can’t wait!

  4. Z

    Do they have this holiday in N.Y.? / That’s too late for St. Joe’s night though – are you going to NY on a spring trip? I’m envious again!

    • Traveller

      Yes, there is a Fall Equinox Festival in NY. This is what I was saying, I was there last year and it was great!. Looking forward to it this fall 2012.

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