In addition to what is in the Ubuntu cloud, there are the files on my office computer. There are other files on the University mainframe. There are important files on:

– two jump drives
– the XP notebook, which has files under my name and under Admin
– Dropbox

I want to remember all of them, and delete or sync all of them. Even if this is all I accomplish in the month of June, it will be a great deal.




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2 responses to “Recordatorio

  1. ANON

    It sounds good! Today is Saturday and I just finished feeding my cells. In half an hour I will go for a walk to center city. That’s my plan for now.

  2. carlos

    Packing to go back home without an opportunity to contact “mi chilenita.” All my files are now organized and we’ll place my computer inside the check-in luggage. I will relax and see movies during the flight. No more reading, no more work for now.

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