Vivir en el centro

All about living in central Mexico City.




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4 responses to “Vivir en el centro

  1. Traveller

    That’s great, to have metro and use public transportation. I’ve always loved living in historic center of big cities.

  2. Traveller

    The idea of this future metrobús for Mexico City is wonderful. The 5 reasons given are sort of the traditional ones, even 7 the magical number, would seem a low number from my view. I want to wait and have at least 15 reasons advertised to be convinced that the public is going to put aside cars and motorbikes and just happily and definitely go for public transportation.

  3. Z

    I think they may ban cars outright. It is so congested, with the metrobus it would be fantastic. I´d love to have an apartment in the central DF and have it be a pedestrian / metrobus area that way…

  4. Traveller

    Go for it!. Having a car, when public transportation is good, is just unnecessary and expensive. It is more cost-effective to rent one when you need it for other purposes than moving around the city. I chose to do that some years ago and don’t regret it at all. Of course, I might have forgotten how to drive and, according to some friends, I am losing an important asset for the future. A matter of opinion!

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