Hay golpes en la vida

What I am saying at school is,

I want to hire, you make sure you cover that position which is important to several programs, how much money is in the line, can it be increased, can you supplement with a startup package or a reduction in teaching load for the first three years, I want to hire, hire, hire.

But in fact I am devastated by the situation, especially since I am not at all convinced it will be possible to hire, hire, hire.

No, this is not the best profession in the world (and I doubt there is a single best profession), and yes, when people criticize the devastation its very structure creates, they are talking about something real.




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3 responses to “Hay golpes en la vida

  1. carlos

    What a roller-coaster life is!. I feel for those who want to be hired. I assume that I must be happy where I am.

  2. Z

    Roller coaster, yes. I could use a little less volatility.

  3. carlos

    I feel privileged having a wife with a job that she loves. I am happy to support her and be a househusband until things improve. Our children are already out of college and trying to succeed in these very difficult times. I might get a job in 2014 or 2015 or never again. Just bidin my time!

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