Café de las Artes

Where I would live is the neighborhood of San Rafael and this evening I got lost. I thought I was on my way somewhere completely different, in an entirely different direction, when the air changed.

I started to smell the homely smell of slightly overripe fruit that indicates one is getting into a more humble neighborhood and one with houses and small restaurants where food is prepared. Then turning a corner I started to recognize the street names of San Rafael, realized I was too far from my original objective and that it was too late, and just strolled.

I found this café which I could have sworn is called the Café de las Artes, but it seems it is called the Café Gran Premio. I would really like to have a picture of it as it looks very art nouveau, but I have not found one.




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4 responses to “Café de las Artes

  1. How…Barcelona! I am so excited now about our trip to Peru and have decided to go to Oaxaca next year and see that botanical garden!
    The good old USA is getting on my nerves these days!

  2. Z

    Barcelona, yes, very, although my childhood memories are of Madrid and those are the smells I go to. Good for you re Oaxaca! When do you leave for Peru?

  3. We leave for Peru in the middle of September. I am trying to study a little Spanish now. But of course what I will miss is the world of Latin American culture and letters, alas. I really need another lifetime, at least!

  4. Z

    I also need another lifetime. Peru is going to be great, though!

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