That airport scanner

The TSA employees do not understand that my visceral level reasons for not going through that airport scanner that takes and keeps the equivalent of your naked photograph is not shyness about the body, but the fact that to have that photograph taken, you must stand in the prisoner of war position, hands on your head, and so on. That we are being asked to do this for our safety, and that people believe it, is highly disturbing in my view. We are in fact being asked to accept the prisoner’s treatment to which it is intended we become accustomed.




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5 responses to “That airport scanner

  1. hattie

    It is exhausting to go against the majority in these situations. I always have to gear up to the opt-out, but I always do it. The self respect is worth it.

  2. Z

    It could be argued that the pat-down is as bad in its way and that one is only as casual about it as one is because it is required to visit prisons, so one has been through it before.

    Still I see the scanner and the pat-down alternative as a major escalation against rights, and I will always take the option that most disturbs that escalation and that gives me an opportunity to register protest in some way.

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  4. the twisted spinster

    And this is why I refuse to fly. Of course, that means I’m restricted to where I can drive, or float… until they set up security checkpoints on roads too. Then I’m screwed. My problem is no matter how some loudly people yell and complain, no one does anything to end this, because not enough people are complaining. Most people are just “it’s only a thing, just a few minutes, I can get through it and go on with my life” because where they are going is more important to them than anything. This is why I kind of hope the treatment of passengers on these lines gets worse and worse, until it finally gets through people’s thick-headed preoccupation with themselves and they realize that no country that does this to its own citizens can call itself “free” in any way. I’m just afraid it will take outright brutality and guns in the face on the part of the TSA before this revelation happens.

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