This allegedly finds salons that use Davines products. It is hard to find the hair dye for sale. On their Italian site you can see color swatches, though.

Davines’ ad copy might have been written by a shade of Rubén Darío:

…un precioso regalo para obtener  tonalidades cromáticas que  generalmente sólo la Naturaleza es capaz de crear en una mezcla de creatividad e inteligencia científica. Inspirado por el mundo multicolor de los insectos con sus sublimes amalgamas de formas, colores y luces, y el potencial científico de los carotenoides y de las melaninas…

I quite like the idea of dyeing my hair an insect-inspired color.




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2 responses to “Davines

  1. Traveller

    Me too. But can’t find vendors other than New York and Italy.

  2. Z

    There are apparently Davines salons in N.O., Houston and Austin. I am not sure this is actually true, though — I’d want to visit one to see what they really have available. The quality is really worth it, though.

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