Contradictory … but contains face exercises, important

Really I have been justifying my anti-pornography, anti-sadomasochism attitude via Gail Dines. These things are part of mainstream fashion now because they have been sold and not because we have been liberated to do what we really want. The view of women constructed by the pornography industry does not only affect wives and girlfriends, but everyone.

Your congressman may well view gonzo porn just before going in to vote against abortion funding. Your MD may have learned what women are from it and have review lessons daily (I am told that surgeons relax and decompress between operations by watching porn, and I know that is what engineers and others do on the oil platforms).

Officially, though, I have been investigating facial exercises. My Peruvian friends think we should investigate cosmetic surgery but apparently you can get the same effects with exercise, for free. I am a great bourgeoise and I am frivolous, especially for a Marxian feminist.



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