On generational curses

This comment on the Christian fundamentalist idea of generational curses and what to do about them explains yet another undiscovered piece of the strange and highly destructive psychotherapy I went through.

The therapist, as I eventually discovered and comprehended, was a true believer in ACOA, Al-Anon, and other 12 step theories according to which, if parents have committed certain sins, the children necessarily have specific characteristics they must expiate.

If they do not have all these characteristics, or do not believe they have them in the prescribed way, they are “in denial” which is a state of sin. They have to be beaten down emotionally until they confess and join a specific program of regeneration, which is covertly based in fundamentalist Christianity. My ability to reason, for instance, was to be excised because the ability to reason necessarily implies an inability to feel, which was one of the main symptoms of the generational curse I was charged to expiate.

(If I had known you could believe these things and be licensed, I would not have seen this person, of course. But I stayed for the beat-down because I did not understand what was happening at all, and I was trying to understand what I kept being told was modern, feminist psychotherapy.)

In any case the idea of the generational curse, of having to expiate the sins of prior generations, which is popular in fundamentalist communities here, helps further to explain why the absolutely retrograde and irrational theories purveyed by heretical cults like Al-Anon and related organizations find fertile ground.



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