La vérité

The energy is just bad in Maringouin, there is no escaping it. This is why people who know what is good for them are only here during the week, when they have to be at work.

My friend says the quality of the energy has to do with all of the enmeshed relationships, which make everyone emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted all the time. Even if you, yourself do not have enmeshed relationships, any time you interact with anyone else you will run a high risk of being spattered with the fallout from one of these.

I feel an outright need to leave at Christmas, for the whole month, and I have a very strong urge to fulfill it. How is not yet clear to me.




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3 responses to “La vérité

  1. Like troubled families, troubled communities bring everyone down.

  2. Vero

    My thought is that when one needs fresh air one must go out and get it. No use to remain inside until you get to the point of almost a nerve breakdown. Christmas is too far away Z!. Be realistic.

  3. Z

    Hattie – it explains why we do not treat ourselves well enough here, or not well in the right way. People mistreat each other and us, and so we find ourselves either imitating that or making some extravagant compensation for it, we find (big conversation on this last night).

    Vero, I am going to Austin for a week in August. These excursions do cost, is the thing. What I want to do is go to Mexico again for the month of December. I can do this for less than what it would cost to go to California for a week (if I rent CA lodging) … seems extravagant but may not be, and it would really give peace of mind. I am just worried about committing to this now, because what if we have a hurricane and I need the $ for the damage? But your point about fresh air is well taken, very well taken.

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