Sur les étudiants

Student: This anthology is strange.
Professor Zero: Yes. It is an anthology of modern short stories. They are all very strange, it is true.
Student: But it is not just that. This class is strange.
Professor Zero: How so?
Student: It shocks the students.
Professor Zero: Is the material that shocking?
Student: No. Well, only at the beginning, but one gets used to that. It is that in a normal class, one survives by doing assignments. In this class, in order to do the assignments, one must learn things. That is what creates the shock, and the strangeness.


Student: At least in this class, we get credit for going to Mass in Spanish. I do not believe in God, but I have to go to Mass for the sake of my mother. Going to Mass in Spanish has two benefits: 1) I get class credit for time I would have to spend in church anyway; 2) I do not have to handle the creepiness that is Mass in English.
Professor Zero: Mass in Spanish is less creepy?
Student: Yes. They focus less on dead bodies and the afterlife, and more on one’s relationship to the here and now.
Professor Zero: That is very interesting.



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