An exercise in naming

If you…

+ have an uncongenial or hostile work environment
+ lack the materials and conditions needed to do the work you are ostensibly to do
+ are poorly enough paid that considerable time and energy is spent figuring out how to cover routine expenses, or which not to cover
+ have an unstimulating or unpleasant regional environment
++ lack cash for weekend escapes from this
+ live in a place where the social scene is stressful or unsatisfying

then that is very different from

+ being somewhere which, albeit problematic, at least leaves you enough time, energy and mental space to apply for jobs
+ having a good work atmosphere and some good colleagues
+ having at least some of the materials and conditions you need to do your job
+ being paid enough so that you are not plagued with worry
+ living somewhere pleasant and varied, or having the cash to leave on the weekends to somewhere that is
+ living with your pleasant family and/or in a place where the atmosphere outside work and home is pleasant and not scary, or deadening, or hostile.

I repeat, time spent criticizing oneself for not being able to function as well in the first situation as in the second, and energy spent trying to show that that impaired functioning is only poor time management (which, it seems, is all that can ever be wrong), is time and energy misused … and it is a misguided analysis of the situation.



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