Así, muerta inmortal.





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5 responses to “Así, muerta inmortal.

  1. Z

    Oh yes. And:

    “Tómate esta botella conmigo,
    y en último trago nos vamos….”

  2. All I have is “wow.” You post so much music that I never knew about, and this is some of the most beautiful. I would have never known that I liked rancheras if it wasn’t for you. I thank you.

  3. carlos

    Did not know that Chavela sang: “El preso numero 9”. I remember a friend who happened to be in # 9, cold and constantly hearing screaming and sorrows from mentally ill male inmates. This friend wrote to me and said that in cell # 9 this song sounded totally different. “Los maté sí señor y si vuelvo a nacer yo los vuelvo a matar”. My friend did not kill anyone and I guess the expression intensity was a metaphor.

  4. Z

    @Happydog, isn’t it amazing? Chavela Vargas really does something with rancheras. I am guessing I should post more of her, everyone is doing it, she just died at 93.

    @Carlos, I love El Preso # 9, too. I am sure it sounded even intense in an acual cell # 9.

  5. Roberta

    She sang something like this multiple times

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