My banana trees have actually produced bananas, and good ones, too. I am very impressed. I will cook them somehow with drumfish, which is juicy, and perhaps with the green oranges which fell.

I have decided that all non organic US meat must be avoided at all times, and all wheat, as well as every form of sugar (I will have to make an exception for the fruit I grow, of course).

These, I discern, are the most artificial of the foods we have. I think they are also what make Americans fat (consider our national delicacy, the hamburger), and they just have to go.




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2 responses to “Tropical

  1. You grow your own bananas? This is the coolest thing I have heard in a while!

  2. Z

    Yes, there are many banana trees here but I did not realize they could produce as we are in the subtropics only. But, if you prune them correctly it turns out that they do produce smallish bananas! Very good ones, as you do not have to pick until they are ripe, and organic of course. It is exotic!

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