“Carrying Water for Jindal”

Hardly a week passes without a new scandal: a voucher school being led not only by a former state representative but a self-proclaimed prophet and apostle, a Delhi-based charter school that loves state money but not pregnant students, BESE’s corrupt “walking quorums,” the use of wacky creationist textbooks that are now a national laughingstock and the Monroe News-Star’s planned lawsuit against state Superintendent of Education John White over his refusal to make available requested charter-voucher program documents.

Everyone in Louisiana should read this entire piece and stop supporting Jindal, whether actively or passively, by not opposing him. The Democratic party should run and support a strong candidate, and finance them. People nationwide should be aware of who this person trying to break into national politics, is and oppose him. As individuals and organizations they should also support progressive candidates in Louisiana, which has been increasingly lost since the national Democratic Party decided it had too few electoral votes and so on to matter.

It is a small state but it has major industries and ports, and it has long produced politicians who have been influential nationally. These are more reasons to watch what happens here. But more immediately, stop Jindal, and most immediately, people in Louisiana must keep him and his from moving ahead.




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2 responses to ““Carrying Water for Jindal”

  1. There is too much good stuff there, things important to all Americans, to let a bunch of crackers and rapacious outsiders ruin it.

    It’s our heritage, dammit!

  2. Z

    Crackers and rapacious outsiders, yes indeed, rapacious outsiders especially is a very descriptive term and it is surprising how many of these are in fact crackers. Even Piyush sort of is, having aspired to it for many years.

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