In which I experience life as I did in graduate school and early assistant professordom.

It again seems to me that work is easier to do than the other things one does in life, and that of work activities, the easiest is research. In graduate school the easiest research activity was writing, but at the moment I find it to be reading. Reading has become easier because I know more, and writing more of a challenge for the same reason.

Academic work is not difficult if you are not experiencing a phobic response to it in response to trauma around it (in my case, Reeducation). But, when I was immobilized due to trauma, what people had to say was that I needed to learn how to work. Many were people I had shown how to do the things they now repeated to me, but they had forgotten this.

Research is easier than other aspects of academic work. It is so because it engages so much of your mind, and allows you to meditate, and because your project is yours. (If your project is not yours, it is more difficult, of course, unless you are also not directing it.)

Academic work is easier than yard work, house painting, oven cleaning, tree spraying, carpentry, plumbing, sewing, mending, and much else. It is easier than being a host, or a counselor, or a tour guide.




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2 responses to “In which I experience life as I did in graduate school and early assistant professordom.

  1. Jonathan

    Right. Why should it be hard to do what we are trained to do? Graduate school is training in research, above all else. I find everyday life a challenge. Research, not so much.

  2. Z

    Yes, exactly. And I forgot something else: secretarial work. Administrative work I can totally do. Secretarial work is difficult.

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