In which I join a group.

In this post and thread you can see that I am considering starting a consciousness raising and support group for the purposes indicated in the thread or namely, for remembering who one is, being who one is, and maintaining one’s research identity in harsh climates. This would, of course, fit with the project of writing a counter-intuitive academic advice book — one which would not simply repeat the old pontifications.

(My favorite of the old pontifications, by the way, is this one: You imagine your heretofore lifelong interest in research and fieldwork will last, but you are only 32. When you are 35 you will want to become a suburban matron. When you take an academic job you should do so with this massive change in personality, interests and priorities in mind.)*

In any case I may start that group, or simply be more conscious of the fact that this blog is that group. Meanwhile, I have joined this group. Since I am in a writing group, we will reiterate my Fall schedule, to which I will keep this week from Wednesday forward.

Monday: Research (morning), course preparation (afternoon), general reading and creative writing (evening).
Details: Morning: research is 2.5 hours, and the rest of the morning can go to service or time to do non work things I need to do.
Afternoon: course preparation is 2.5 hours, and the rest of the afternoon can go to service activities or to non work errands.
Evening: again, 2.5 hours. That leaves some time for whatever else may come up.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Research (morning), teaching/office hours/meetings (afternoon), general reading and creative writing (evening).
Details: Morning: research is 2.5 hours, which makes more teaching preparation possible in the later morning Tuesday and Thursday. For example, if I get up at 5:30, with commute and breakfast and so on there is still time for the research block and a whole other, similar block to prepare class or grade.
Afternoon: I have not built the gym into this schedule yet. I will have to do it, therefore, for these days, my most structured days: I will go at 3:30 PM.
Evening: I teach Tuesday nights and I have studio time Thursday night. Therefore, Wednesday night needs to be general reading and creative writing time.

Research or grading/correspondence (morning), house and garden work, errands, work out (afternoon), off (evening).

Off or house and garden work, work out (daytime), research or creative writing (evening).

Research and work out (daytime), off (evening).


*When people say that kind of thing, I do wonder whether they articulate this prediction in the letters of recommendation they write. Because male professors used to make it of women; now, it sometimes appears, they have grown egalitarian by saying it of everyone.*



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4 responses to “In which I join a group.

  1. Your comments on this topic have had me thinking quite a lot lately, which in turn means not commenting because I’m mulling it over. I’ve felt like I’ve been at a crossroads as of late; that I’ve undergone some huge shift in personal and career goals, but I have also acknowledged times where I’ve adopted other people’s goals because I thought they were supposed to be my own. So my thinking is…maybe I’m not currently undergoing a shift in who I am, but rather am allowing myself to actually be ME, which has been stressful because it’s so different than who I was trying to be. What I’ve been doing with my life lately feels like such a better and more peaceful fit that everything I’ve tried thus far, but it’s also things I’ve told myself aren’t “right” (fill in various reasons why). I don’t know, my thoughts are very incomplete. I just want to say that I very much appreciate reading what you have to say and giving me something to think about as I’ve driven my poor husband nuts with this conversation on identity and self. (I mean really, he *is* learning a new job and has other things to think about!)

    And thanks for sharing your schedule. I’m trying to make one for myself for the fall group and I’m not sure if say “I will write x hours a day for x days” will work very well. I like seeing how other people organize themselves.

  2. Z

    Yes. Another post I should write is on how to choose a job. Different advice than that silly CHE article, but based on real life.

    My original goals were to travel and do interesting research and also, have an interesting and creative role in a large public organization.

    To get that in academia you need something close to a public R-1 with those resources and ideally for me, PhD programs in 3 specific fields. My post would involve making the list of alternative schools to that, what is closest to that? I was taught that closest was well regarded private places but I think second tier state schools is actually closer to what I would want. (And, as an alternative, I wonder about community college administration, among other things.)

  3. Z

    And, re schedule — I don’t think I can commit to a specific amount of time for writing right now. For research in general, yes, and I do know that research isn’t just reading around forever. (Part of the way I got stuck on writing, actually, was the exhortation not to read because it was “procrastination.” So then I didn’t have more to write and felt guilty about reading, and so then I was frozen.)

  4. CassiusChrysanthe

    Heavenly emanation of the Flamenco archetype, embodiment of divine grace, musical elegance, utmost perfection of Harmony, forever free from possible comparisons with whoever.

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