“I will vote Republican”

Student: It is very conniving of your department to have had sold, as a part of this textbook package, a book which would be not used until we reached the present level. You must have known we would lose the book, and have to buy another. All of this is a plan to make additional money for the textbook company.

Professor Zero: Well, you were not required to buy the textbook package. You can always buy each part of it as a separate item.

Student: That is even more expensive. Anyway, I bought the book and lost it. Now you want us to use it, so I must buy it again. It is not fair.

Professor Zero: I am getting ready to vote Republican if you do not take some personal responsibility right here!

I did not plan to say that; it is just what I said.




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6 responses to ““I will vote Republican”

  1. This is absolutely hilarious. 🙂 🙂

    But please don’t vote Republican. 🙂

    • Z

      My worst unplanned manifesto was pronounced during the Bush II presidency.

      Student: Why did I get a C? [etc. etc.]

      Professor Zero: Look. I know that George W. Bush graduated from Yale with his level of knowledge. But you, here, with me, will not graduate without actually knowing something!

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  3. Luna

    This is hilarious! I am cracking up imagining the look on the student’s face.

  4. dclioness


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