Matthew B. Platt

The Last Psychiatrist published a copy of the exam on which all those Harvard students allegedly cheated, and I know about this from Clarissa. It is a very well constructed exam, and I would be glad to study with this professor.




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5 responses to “Matthew B. Platt

  1. Z

    I commented furiously on the LP’s piece, in part because it was so easy, and I am a very unpopular commenter over there now. This explains a lot about the world, I think, and the people in it.

  2. Angry Professor

    I was distressed by the other comments to the LP’s piece, as well as by the original post. There are some people, and the LP seems to be among them, who believe that the social sciences should be intuitive, that they don’t require study, that there are no skills that one must acquire before contributing to intellectual discourse in (say) political science or psychology. Such people will forever be hostile toward credentialed experts.

  3. Z

    Great to hear from you AP, and especially on this! It is amazing, they think this about the social sciences and also about the humanities.

    Let’s see: and science, well either you believe in it or not, it seems. Arts, languages, and math: you have a knack for them, or you don’t.

    So, that leaves nothing that isn’t just driven by instinct or intuition. Fools.

  4. Jonathan

    I thought it was a decent exam. I am wondering what the students found so confusing.

    • Z

      I know exactly — it makes them think, asks them to use knowledge and not just repeat facts. This is why people think my exams are so hard, when they aren’t really.

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