Mediodía estancado entre relentes

I have a lot more time in the day now that I do not spend time dealing with self doubt or handling harrassment at work.

Harrassment at work was ended because someone finally took my complaint seriously and acted on it. But this was a matter of luck, not a matter of hard work on my part finally paying off, or of my having secretly wanted the problem to continue until now. It was a matter of luck, and it was someone else’s work on the issue that finally succeeded in ending the harassment.

Eradicating self doubt is something I did. I caught self doubt from Reeducation. I remember saying I thought it was a bad idea to contract it, as it would take a lot of time and energy to carry and would probably be a really destructive choice.

This was true. Not having to wrestle with it saves a great deal of energy and time.  It is downright luxurious.

I remember life being like this before.



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