That writing group

I forgot to post answers to some questions to that writing group’s page. Now the post has no more commenting room, so I am posting the answers here.

Where are you in your career?

Mid-career tenured faculty.

What sort of institution(s) do you work for or study at?

Carnegie “research intensive” state university, Doctoral-1 under the older classification system. My department has a Ph.D. program, but my discipline does not.

What’s your big-picture goal, not just for this iteration of the writing group but for 5 or 10 years out?

Publish all of my languishing books and articles. There are two languishing, half finished book manuscripts that I know of so far, and many more articles. Every time I look seriously at these, I become aware of future book projects I would love to do as well. It is fortunate that I have many longevity genes.

What challenges do you face in making time for (or expanding!) your writerly identity?

This blog was created to identify, discuss, and address those challenges, and it has been working to solve them for over six years. Those interested in the detailed story are invited to read the archives.

In short: after many years of being a very skilled, systematic researcher and writer I encountered a series of problems which overtook my time and energy for these activities. This was difficult especially because I could not recognize myself, it was so shocking not to be that person I had always been: my core identity and most comfortable self is the researcher and writer.

Now those problems are at their end, and there is no barrier to my return to reason. But the support of a group will, I intuit, help me settle back into that identity — keep it front, centered, natural, remind me that it is my right.

My central problem during the era of having problems was precisely not feeling that this identity was my right.




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2 responses to “That writing group

  1. I know how you feel. I start my blog for the same reasons and… it works.
    I also want to participate in a writing group. I visit the webpage that you suggest but I don’t see how I can subscribe. Is it open only specific dates?
    I start following your blog and look forward for you new posts!

  2. Z

    I like your blog. On that one, why not leave a comment and ask to join?

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