An airline credit card for a fee?

I am very much opposed to the idea of for a fee credit cards. However, there is this one. For $95 after the first year, should I want its benefits? They seem to be worth the money, and the first year is free.

Also, I could consider canceling after the first year — if they let me. What do you know about these things? Forsooth, now that we have PayPal and VISA debit cards I would rather be paying for flights with those than with a credit card. And I already have American Express.

Finally, I think Chase is especially slimy and should be resisted, and that its alliance with the now largest airline, United, should not be supported even if it is advantageous to a person like me, already ensnared by both companies. What do you think?




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4 responses to “An airline credit card for a fee?

  1. From a purely practical perspective, you could probably do better by looking for an airline card running a promotion. (For example, I got a Delta-branded American Express when they offered enough miles for a free flight with the first purchase using the card–and then cancelled before the free year ended.)

  2. Z

    Very good point. I will not be tempted by this one, then.

    • I decided against it. I am not good at cancelling things in time. I read somewhere that you should spend around 11k a year in the card to make the fee worth it. I could do it, but it would disorganize my finances. Also, check how many miles do you need in each airline for certain trips. I was able to fly to Buenos Aires on American with 50K miles, but I’ve never been able to find a similar flight on Delta for less than 75K miles

  3. Z

    I’m deciding against it, too, once again. My friend who likes his, says it works for him because he really does spend over $10K on it. American, yes, but I have also found it is harder to get and keep the miles (they expire fast). So I have decided it is six of one, half a dozen of the other, and I will get free flights if I get them, but not try.

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