En bicicleta

At last I put the bicycle together and rode it back and forth from work. I have not had a bicycle with good gears except for a few hours once, decades ago, before it was stolen and I can now say that bicycles with good gears are an entirely superior experience.

It is stressful to ride bicycles in traffic in the morning but coming home after rush hour, without traffic, the bicycle is infinitely more refreshing than the car. Infinitely.

Of course I now want this bike rack-mounting office bag, so it is good that I have not acquired the other accessories I also want.




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8 responses to “En bicicleta

  1. I like that bag. You have a good sense of style.

  2. Traveller

    Fun!. Just finished 50 min stationery bike medium-high speed. I know that it is not the same but still fun. Now ready to go for breakfast and business.

  3. I do 20 minutes on my elliptical every a.m. And an evening walk. That is my basic exercise that always happens.

  4. Z

    I should be as faithful as both of you. I am trying!

    Bag, yes, I want it. Hmm, you are encouraging me…

  5. Z

    The bag is the Ortlieb Downtown Commuter Pannier. It is great, but it mounts on the side of the wheel, so it cannot be used on my folding bike, unfortunately.

  6. Traveller

    I’ve always felt kind of unsafe riding a bicycle in the city. I’ll be staying for some days in a neighborhood where I think I can do it. Everything seems to be working fine except for my cell.

    • Z

      Where are you?

      • Traveller

        I am in a cottage near Caen, Normandy, a place known for “the common work of William and Mathilda”. Here is some background

        “From the 1060’s, William of Normandy built in Caen the largest fortress in Europe and this way conspicuously materialized his political and military power in the west of his dukedom, where the “Bastard’s” legitimacy had been disputed by his own vassals.

        William and his wife Mathilda of Flander respectively founded the Men’s Abbey and the Women’s Abbey that had a spiritual influence all over Europe. The anecdote reports that the couple founded each a monastery so as to be forgiven their marriage between blood relations. The Pope was opposed to their union giving as a pretext a remote 5th-degree- cousinhood that linked to each other. This religious and politically correct pretext actually hid political and geostrategic ulterior motives. Both attached to the city of Caen, the couple chose to rest there eternally, each in the abbey church they had founded.”

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