More on abusive work environments

My colleague says that she and her colleague described certain institutional practices to their friends at a conference, and were not believed.

I am also tired of that conversation.

“I cannot believe what you say is true.”

“It is true.”

“Go on the market, then.”

Going on the market it is not realistic if one is already too beaten down to do so effectively, or if to go on the market would be a bad idea because all one would do is show one’s wounds.

You have to have a resistance identity. This is the answer to that situation, the necessary first step, and it is yet another issue standard academic advice does not cover.

Indeed, I think standard academic advice is designed to interdict the creation of such a thing. It says you have to work harder, work “smarter” and so on; it alleges that everything is under your control and anything that goes wrong, went wrong because you did not follow instructions.




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4 responses to “More on abusive work environments

  1. ““Go on the market, then.””

    – God, I so hate it when somebody does this. Yeah, because it’s totally so easy for anybody just to go on the job market at absolutely any moment in time. Because people never have any financial, familial, etc. obligations. Anybody can just pick up and leave in search of whatever in a very unstable economy. Are such people even for real?

  2. And there are so many jobs to apply for! What world do these people live in?

  3. I find your writing inspiring and encouraging. I’ve written a blog post in reference to this:

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