Language Class Today

So today, waiting for the elevator, I said to my colleague in English, who was not looking forward to being in the building either: I am about to face three hours of sophomores. He grimaced appropriately and then I went to class, where I took Clarissa‘s advice, ditched everything, and did whatever I wanted … and everything worked perfectly.

We were talking about celebrities who have crashed, who they were, what their life was like, what they are doing now, what caused them to crash, how many addictions they had had and why, what they had done or not done under the influence of drugs, and what they were trying to accomplish or escape from. Then we created teams for the case of each celebrity, to create programs for them … not necessarily for rehabilitation, but for health and happiness. Each team wrote a list of suggestions and commands. There was some debate on which programs were the most coherent, and might be the most effective, for the situation of each celebrity.

Listening to the descriptions of these people, particularly those who had been child stars or otherwise very successful, but under a great deal of pressure from above when young, I started to see a kinship between them and myself, a parallel, a relation, and to wonder what it is we were all trying to do via self destruction — break out of an image, break a mirror, break a frame.

It was all very interesting.




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4 responses to “Language Class Today

  1. The only way to enjoy teaching is to say “yes, yes, of course” to those who try to supervise, coordinate and micromanage your courses and then do whatever the hell you please.

  2. Z

    That seems to be true and it is what I am going to do now that we, again, have to do some sort of cooperation and coordination.

    There was another hilarious detail today: I rode into each class on my bicycle, to demonstrate that our intention was not to be oppressed by the e-workbook, but to speak Spanish the way we ride bicycles!

  3. Z

    It is true, what Shedding says, that the anti language teaching thing is one more of the pieces of twistedly bad advice I had traumatically pushed on me.

    That is: I had all the standard good advice used as a weapon against me, I think. This is important.

    However, in real life terms there is still a lot to be said for saving time and staying out of harm’s way politically by not being part of your department’s language teaching jungle (or rhet-comp jungle, or freshman math jungle).

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