More about me and dat formerly, but only temporarily internalized whiteman

Now it is fall. Fall means it is dry and sunny. I have always did liked the fall.

I like studying in fall but in Reeducation that was considered a bad thing. Studying was something one must shed to find reality hidden beneath its shell, because Reeducation could not imagine study was at the core of anything — and yet it is.

Everything is fascinating if you look at it closely and in a relaxed way, and if you have presence of mind and a comfortable enough place to work. I think it is important to note that one needs these things. I do not think one works well in really unstable or uncomfortable conditions, although perhaps one should reflect at some point on exactly what things one needs and does not.

I like fall and I always liked to study, study almost anything.

What I did not learn in well enough school was that persons such as myself could have a work that was theirs; this is why Reeducation worked on me.

But it is fall again.



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