What I did today, 8AM-8PM, on one cup of orange juice and one of coffee

– Conferences with students. About 25 of them.
– Started unraveling a bureaucratic mystery.
– Received e-mail announcing the existence of a book which supports one of my theses. This was my research gesture for the day.
– Continued to be very far behind on grading and syllabus revision post hurricane.

No good deed goes unpunished!

Conclusion A: Be passive. Conclusion B: Be unaffected.

– I am against doing administration and service, but the results of nobody doing these things are also bad.
– Similarly, I accept that it is common wisdom that one should cut corners on teaching, but I think I should cut fewer corners, not more, and put more into it, not less.
– I am not saying to do these things as a way to avoid research. I am saying they need to be done right so that all things can be done sustainably.




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5 responses to “What I did today, 8AM-8PM, on one cup of orange juice and one of coffee

  1. hattie

    I’m enjoying that Peru food blog. Too bad we weren’t there long enough for our stomachs to make the adjustments needed to eat Peruvian delicacies.

  2. Z

    Do you think they are really more challening to the stomach than “international” food?

  3. What is International food? Anyway, I think it takes time for your intestinal flora to adjust, and we weren’t there long enough. I had problems when we moved from the U.S. to Germany, too.

    • Z

      I think “International” food is, or was, a euphemism for the standard dishes like pizza, pasta, chicken, steak, omelettes, and so on that you get in tourist restaurants worldwide.

      But I am guessing you mean the actual ingredients are the issue — getting used to the bacteria in a place?

  4. I am taking “do it right so it can all be done sustainably” as a motto for at least the rest of the semester if not the rest of my life!

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