Academic Myth #1: “Administration is useless, and service is easy”

You only say this because you have never held an administrative position or undertaken major service.

In the meantime, I will remove the services of your IT department and those in charge of your physical plant. If you are foreign language faculty, I will remove the study abroad office from your university while also requiring that you further internationalize your campus. This is just to start; more support will be removed after you get used to these things.

We will see whether, after that, you still say administration is useless and service is easy.




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8 responses to “Academic Myth #1: “Administration is useless, and service is easy”

  1. hattie

    Yes. The less people know about these matters the more they think they know. It is so annoying and a chronic problem in education especially.

  2. dclioness

    another version: administration dismantles service and relocates operations to faculty, with resources to pay for costs associated with service, but not personnel. faculty do not think this is easy, are offered a non-research course release.

    thus, a service staff position becomes part of a faculty position in a way that deprofessionalizes faculty. administration saves money, because it is cheaper to hire an adjunct to make up for the course release than to pay a staff person with benefits. later, administration will complain that faculty do not do enough research.

  3. Our study abroad office is destroying the study abroad programs we have developed over decades working with reputable universities in other countries. Instead, they are sending our students to over-priced kayaking and canoeing programs with “language schools” where students don’t get a single chance to speak any language other than English. So yes, I would be ecstatic if the corrupt hacks at our study abroad office who treat the actual professors like garbage were all fired.

    • Z

      Here, it is faculty who do that (e.g. take students on pub crawls in foreign countries and call it a course), and there is no study abroad office. There are agreements with foreign universities for exchanges in different fields and for language immersion, but no office. I, however, studied at a university with programs like this and you need an office and staff to run it, yes.

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