…and furthermore, it is boring!

The other point to be made is that doing things in the academically prescribed way: rushing, taking “shortcuts,” going through the motions superficially, saying things you do not believe — is boring.

Things become interesting if you give them attention, and anxiety producing if you do not give them enough time. If I explained this to a freshman, you would praise me for doing it. Yet you do not want me to take the same advice myself.


Rush and go through motions, rush and go through motions, rush and go through motions. Take this handy shortcut to pass the test without absorbing any material. This is what freshmen in poor schools do, and it is not good academic advice.


Why are graduate students and assistant professors both assumed to be, and encouraged to behave like impractical freshmen, on the theory that only this way can they “just get their degrees” or “just make tenure”?

Why is it that just as it becomes clear you are about to actually finish a dissertation, professors start telling you relinquish the all the skills and habits which made it possible to advance to a good degree in good time?

Why is it then suddenly “sensible” to set yourself up for difficulty, and “inexperienced” as well as “disrespectful” not to take such destructive advice?




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2 responses to “…and furthermore, it is boring!

  1. Z

    I do realize they only meant, do the job in a practical way but what irks me is their idea that one had never done any jobs in any practical ways, or that one did not intend to continue.

    Spouting rather than talking with an interlocutor; that is what made me want to run far away from professors.

  2. Yes. And I so hate being bored!

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