Productivity trap

Perhaps it is something we can call the productivity trap. The real reason to work is for pleasure, you get things done and life flows through you and you change, moving up one more level of consciousness.

But when the focus is products in a line you have what might be good old fashioned alienated labor, and this is then what people rebel blindly against. And all these posts today are examples of free association or free writing, pre-writing. And all my insights are Marxian in the end, and I have never seriously read him, which is a deficiency I must correct.

My fantasy right now is a week’s vacation in my home town, where I know nobody any longer but would melt into the landscape. One would walk for miles and cook fresh meals, and there would be readings somehow and little events. Around the corner is a jazz-band.

One would be lost in the crowd, and yet expected. All our bones would align in gender and number, and the air would be fresh.

I think I got very tired at one point of Being Good, and I did not understand then that the point was not to Be Good but to control your life (and I am tired of hearing that we cannot do this to the extent we really can).



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