…y me cago en la leche

The point is that if you have any form of rational circumstance, all you have to do is put a bit of time into things and they can then be accomplished.

I so, so, so dislike academic advice. Don’t spend time on this, or that, or the other, don’t spend any time time time. But if you are in fact overloaded or overworked, you are not really; you only did not know how to manage your time time time.

Start writing now, before reading, start teaching now, before preparing; if you did any form of service or helped anyone besides yourself, you were duped; if you did anything right it must have taken too much time time time.

The whole idea of “just getting through it,” of looking out at gray roofs sin amor.




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2 responses to “…y me cago en la leche

  1. vero

    Yes. I, “me cago en la leche too” ’cause sister has decided for the 1000th time to learn a foreign language. She’s driving me nuts with questions. For example:
    S- “But what are the regular verbs?. Is ‘was’ a regular verb?”.
    V- Noooooo, ‘was’ is past tense of to be which is an auxiliary verb. Listen, what are the auxiliary verbs in your native language?.
    S- I don’t know the auxiliary verbs in my native language.
    V- Well then, screw you. Go back and learn your native language first!.

    Learning languages requires continues passion about people, diversity, the unknown etc… If that passion doesn’t exist as a continuum, then the interest for languages is just a transient one that will come and go but without effect in learning about others.

    • Z

      Hahaha! I know exactly how this feels. And people imagine I want to teach them foreign languages for pleasure, outside work.

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