Now I understand everything.

We have established that many put teaching far ahead of research and/or life far ahead of work, but others want to be virtuosos and put that first, naturally. I am in this group and I thought ours was the standard attitude. But it is not necessarily.

Locally, we struggle for tenure or promotion while others struggle for a professional identity but are concerned that the virtuoso orientation may be required. We, meanwhile, slowly learn that we must drop said orientation if we are to stay. Sic transit gloria sapientiae and we find ourselves in the paradoxical situation of having renounced what we had come for.

I did not realize I knew the lyrics to any fight songs, but earlier in the semester we toasted research. I think we will have to call upon our universities’ mascots — mine, conveniently, watches from the sky — and plunge right through that line.


Lagniappe: on the fight song topic I simply must demonstrate a marvelous relic — I know it is wrong, but Chief Illiniwek was beautiful.

I think new faculty should attend a game at their school, for the pageantry. LSU has a tiger and as you can see here, each player imagines himself to be one, too.



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